Kevin Spacey admits something Liberals don’t want to hear, and the Bible has been saying for 1000s of years.

 You don’t have to be extremely connected to Hollywood’s current events to know that the movie industry is corrupt and morally debased. I’m not talking about the movies they make, (although those fall in that same category). But as a rule the lives of those in the limelight often leave us feeling worried about the moral compass of our wonderful country.



Kevin Spacey is no exception.

The intention of this article is not to kick a guy while he’s down. Instead I’d like to applaud Mr. Spacey if for nothing else than for his honesty in admitting an ugly truth that people in his industry want to sweep under the rug.

To catch some of you up, Kevin Spacey, successful, award-winning actor, has recently faced multiple accusations of sexual harassment. 8 from people he worked with on the set of his current project, and most damaging, an inappropriate sexual advance made towards a 14-year-old child actor back in 1986. With the flood of Hollywood stars being called out on this behavior, Spacey may seem like just another line in a revolting, but predictable script. Even so, Spacey’s surprising response to the then child actor has caused quite a stir.

When news of his actions hit the media, Spacey responded with an apologetic, yet explanatory tweet. I’ll let you read it for yourselves.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.18.33 PM.png

At the mention of his homosexuality, ABC couldn’t drop the victim quick enough to applaud the alleged abuser and headlined their article: “Kevin Spacey comes out in a brave tweet.” (This was later edited.) Other news outlets reacted in kind, but Spacey wasn’t off the hook yet. He was met with wide backlash online as many people found rage in the fact that He would reinforce a “dated and dangerous stereotype that conflate homosexuals with pedophilia.”

The Verge, an online media publication had this to say:

“Spacey is just the latest of powerful man in this line up of alleged abusers, though he’s the only one who has managed to link harassment and predatory behavior toward children with an entire group of marginalized people.”



I don’t say this often, but I think I tend to agree with ABC News. Kevin Spacey’s tweet was pretty brave. Did he play his "gay card" at a very convenient and cowardice time? Some have suggested as such. But his bravery comes into play when he’s willing admit a widely unpopular truth (about himself) that’s been categorically denied since the popularization of the homosexual agenda.

Homosexuality is linked to pedophilia.


You can deny this, stack up a list of professors, and preachers, and psychologists that say otherwise, but at the end of the day, maybe we should believe the one who’s in the trenches of this struggle. At least someone in Hollywood is willing to tell the truth. Thank you, Mr. Spacey.

The truth is that if you subject yourself to your sexual preferences and impulses long enough, it will lead you down a path of perversion; perhaps not always pedophilia but perversion nonetheless. God designed sexuality to be a blessing to humanity. But if we want to throw the Book out the window and play by our own rules, odds are we’ll end up playing a different game entirely.

Spirituality aside, common sense can be a huge reality check if you let it. If you want to be an activist for the cause of sexual preference, eventually you’re going to have to accept and advocate for those who prefer to love children, or siblings, or animals, or inanimate objects.

If we’re being consistent with liberal theology, what we believe about sexual preference doesn’t matter. Throw the laws out the window and let everyone’s banner fly free. If you believe the lie that all truth is subjective eventually you’ll have to surrender your truth as well.


The fact of our day is that it isn’t just scripture that’s being shelved as subject truth.

Science and sexuality are also now subjective under the law of political correctness. In light of this, it’s imperative that we accept our call to make camp with the politically incorrect. To call sin, "sin" will only get more uncomfortable and we should expect nothing less. 

It’s an “inconvenient truth” that Spacey brings to the table. But just because truth is inconvenient doesn’t mean it’s incorrect. (Al Gore’s turn of phrase actually applies better to this situation than global warming.)

Jen Yamato of the Daily Beast wrote on the pedophilia epidemic in Hollywood and it's affect on victims who "recall the uncertainty of not knowing how to defend themselves against the older predatory mentors who were also helping guide their careers, many of whom spent years “grooming” the youngsters and their parents to earn their trust."


Yamato describes the far reaching damage of this environment saying, "All of the now-older victims report feeling distraught, intimidated, traumatized, and even suicidal. Many of them turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the abuse, or quit the industry altogether to sever ties to their poisoned dreams." These are symptoms of an isolated, yet widely imitated segment of society that has produced a perfect platform of acceptance for the behavior they currently condemn. 

We need to stop letting Hollywood off the hook.

We need to call them on their inconsistency. I like the way fellow Apostolic writer Ryan French put it when he said “Hollywood has been making movies that objectified women for decades and now they act shocked when women are objectified.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.24.56 PM.png

The same applies to Kevin Spacey connecting his homosexual desires with making sexual advances toward a child. I echo Ryan’s sentiment.

Hollywood has been glorifying sexually deviant behavior for decades and now they act shocked when someone does something sexually deviant.

Hollywood has been promoting the sexuality of children for decades and now they act shocked when someone sees a child as a sex object.


Ideas, as it turns out, DO have consequences. and culture, despite its best efforts, continues to testify to the truth of the scripture.

Isaiah’s sermon will still preach today: “Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Scripture tells us these will eat the fruit of their own ways. Hollywood is reaping the fruit of years of immoral indoctrination. Let this be a lesson to the church that what we sow in our sermons we WILL reap in our saints. If we sow in political correctness and cultural popularity our congregations will be compromised.

At the end of the day, doctrine does matter...but it remains to be seen who will preach theirs with more conviction: Culture or the Church.





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Politics in the Church

Politics in the Church