Book Review: How to Stay Christian in College

Mark Stacy

    Buy the book  here  on Amazon

    Buy the book here on Amazon


College is a whole new world and can be a shock for young Christians who do not really know what to expect. This is an excerpt from the book, one student’s account of what is, sadly, commonplace at many of our colleges here in America:

“In her dorm, the floors used to organize progressive drinking nights. Students who participated went from room to room getting drunker and drunker. A number of women in the dorms announced that on certain evenings, they would have sex with any men who showed up at their doors. So many men showed up that they had to form lines. By the way, don’t assume that your college will have a Christian personality just because it is linked with a Christian denomination, says Christian things in its mission statement, or has the word ‘Christian’ in its name.”

This is unfortunately the kind of thing that our young people are running into at college. Professors, often boldly, make statements such as “Faith is just a crutch” and “The Bible is a myth.” Because students have not been given the tools needed to combat such philosophies, lifestyles, and cultures that are hostile to Christianity, college becomes a snare to their faith, instead of the blessing it should be.

In this book, J. Budziszewski helps the student navigate the maze of competing worldviews by providing the reader with a practical guide on what they will face and how to defend against it. How To Stay Christian In College should be mandatory for young people and youth workers alike!