Saying Yes to Missions

By Tiffany Anderson

As a young couple in our mid-twenties, we knew that we wanted to be involved in foreign missions shortly after our marriage.

However, the details of the how and where were unknown to us. The AIM program offered a safe and uncomplicated open door to us through its program, and for that we are forever grateful.

We entered the country of Brazil with many uncertainties about our future and felt a little out of place culturally and linguistically. Yet by the end of our first AIM term of six months we had fallen in love with the locals and had learned enough of the culture and language to have a special bond created with them. Although we are still learning, we have enough knowledge of the Brazilian Portuguese language now to teach, preach, and give Bible studies when upon our arrival we knew absolutely nothing. Many of our Brazilian church family have turned practically family to us now over the course of our two years on AIM. As a married couple on AIM our marriage has also gained an even stronger bond as we gain all of these new experiences and triumphs together.

Our faith has been deepened in an amazing way as we have seen God's supernatural provision and miraculous works on the mission field. AIM was that open door that enabled us to first discover what we hope to be a life-time calling to missions.

You can think about going, even dream about going, but nothing can replace the experience you will gain by actually going and doing.

It will never be "convenient" to raise a budget and possibly sacrifice a job or possessions. But we want to tell you it will be worth it. We encourage you to step out on faith and see what our God will do through you. Those "faith moments" give Him a chance to demonstrate His power more than ever before in our lives