Can I be concerned about my finances & still trust God?

Can I be concerned about my finances & still trust God?

By Kristen Moore of Family & Finance


As Christians who are passionate about helping others understand the importance of personal finance, we often are confronted with the ideology that we are failing to trust God when we become conscientious about money. Usually, the passage in Matthew 6 that tells us to “take no thought” for our lives is cited. It saddens me because many of the people who counter our advice with “Well, what about trusting God?” (as if we don’t) are struggling financially.

They are often under mountains of debt and have nothing put aside toward retirement.

Many times these same people understand the importance of the Biblical principles of tithing and giving. These are essential ideas to understand - for sure - but they are not all that the Bible has to say about money.

Did you know that the principles of budgeting, living free of debt, living on less than what you make, saving, investing and leaving an inheritance for your family are all Biblical? They are, in fact, just as Biblical as tithing!

Turns out you CAN trust God and be a good steward of your money. In fact, he expects both of those things from us!


Foundational to trusting God is trusting that his wisdom is more wise than our own. When we decide that we would rather do things our way we are doing the opposite of trusting Him. We are telling him “thanks, but no thanks, I’ll just do things my way,” and calling it “trusting God.” 

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I understand that this mentality has been ingrained in lots of Christian folks for generations. I also understand that this foundational trust in God to provide for your needs is a good thing! We do NOT think that having a car payment makes you a bad person, nor do we think that owning a credit card will send you to Hell. We don’t think we are better than anyone, we simply feel we’ve been shown a better way to handle our finances.

Trust in God’s provision and Biblical Stewardship aren’t mutually exclusive. They are connected and they work together!


So what about Matthew 6:25? A little digging into the Greek will help us to understand that Jesus wasn’t telling us to not plan or prepare for the future. Rather He was telling us not to WORRY about the future. If we’re seeking His Kingdom first (Matt 6:33), and if we’re practicing good stewardship, we’ll never be in need anything.

“I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Psalm 37:25

Below are some scriptures that support the principles listed above.

Tithing - Malachi 3:7-11

Budgeting - Proverbs 27:23, Luke 14:28

Living debt-free - Proverbs 22:7, Proverbs 6:1-5, Romans 13:8

Living on less than you make/saving - Proverbs 21:20

Saving for retirement/Investing- Proverbs 6:6-8, Matthew 25:14-28

Leaving an inheritance - Proverbs 13:22

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